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Executive Search

Recruitment Specialization:

• Technical Leadership

• Engineers / Technicians

• Software Developers

• Skilled Tradespeople

• Sales / Sales Managers

• Project Managers

• Generalist Recruitment

Industry specialization:

• Technology

• Manufacturing

• Software Development

• R&D / Design

• IT / MIS

• Big Data / Analytics

• Financial / Fintech

• Insurance

• Pharmaceuticals

• Industrial Fabrication

• Aviation & Aerospace

• Digital Media


     Don't just add human capital ...

                          ... build a human castle

• Low volume, highly specialized technical recruitment.

• Methodology for finding "difficult-to-find" talent.

• Local search, national search and relocation search.

• Contingent recruitment with longevity guarantee.

• Completely focused on permanent, full-time positions.


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A Free Resource for Hiring Managers

For a company to thrive within Buffalo, New York's renaissance, it needs to adapt to change. One of the most significant changes concerning the employment market has been the recent shift to a so-called "Candidate’s Job Market", where job candidates call the shots. Because of this, hiring managers need to change their talent acquisition practices. They need to start loosening their grip on processes, and redirect their focus on creativity and problem solving.


BuffaloTalent is a resource for hiring managers. Its primary goal is to assist managers in refining their talent acquisition practices in an effort to attract the very best talent available. Click on the yellow button below and ACCESS, DISCOVER, CONNECT and MEET BuffaloTalent.

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Human Castle Executive Search

A New Tool for Aviation & Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace companies are challenged with the difficult task of attracting very specific technical talent. is a tool to make this task easier.

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A New Tool for the Financial Industry

The Financial Industry has a need for top talent, covering a wide variety of specialized skills. This ranges from IT to accounting. can help fill these roles.

bankTECHtalent is powered by Human Castle Executive Search

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