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Executive Search

Recruitment Specialization:

• Technical Leadership

• Engineers / Technicians

• Software Developers

• Skilled Tradespeople

• Sales / Sales Managers

• Project Managers

• Generalist Recruitment

Industry specialization:

• Technology

• Manufacturing

• Software Development

• R&D / Design

• IT / MIS

• Big Data / Analytics

• Financial / Fintech

• Insurance

• Pharmaceuticals

• Industrial Fabrication

• Aviation & Aerospace

• Digital Media


     Don't just add human capital ...

                          ... build a human castle

• Low volume, highly specialized technical recruitment.

• Methodology for finding "difficult-to-find" talent.

• Local search, national search and relocation search.

• Contingent recruitment with longevity guarantee.

• Completely focused on permanent, full-time positions.


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A Free website full of "expert" advice

Within this web-labyrinth, we are going to explore unconventional experts. They are quite different than traditional "establishment" experts, as their area of expertise surrounds relevant information, through the use of the internet as a tool. They strategize. They create ideas, test ideas and fail. They use failure as a platform for new and better ideas. Within their journey, they find mastery. Within a "Culture of Experts", they can transform a company.

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Human Castle Executive Search

A New Tool for Aviation & Aerospace

Aviation & Aerospace companies are challenged with the difficult task of attracting very specific technical talent. is a tool to make this task easier.

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A New Tool for the Financial Industry

The Financial Industry has a need for top talent, covering a wide variety of specialized skills. This ranges from IT to accounting. can help fill these roles.

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