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Recruitment Specialization:

• Technical Leadership

• Engineers / Technicians

• Software Developers

• Skilled Tradespeople

• Sales / Sales Managers

• Project Managers

• Generalist Recruitment

Industry specialization:

• Technology

• Manufacturing

• Software Development

• IT / MIS

• Big Data / Analytics

• Financial / Fintech

• Pharmaceuticals

• Industrial Fabrication

• R&D / Design

• Aviation & Aerospace

Meet the Team

Martin Haslinger is a Technical Recruiter and Partner at Human Castle. His background is in sales, consisting of 25 years of sales experience; 15 years selling within a highly technical environment. Today, Martin offers the most valuable commodity on the planet; human capital.


As a Technical Recruiter, Martin is an excellent internet researcher. He is a keyword junkie and boolean strategist. He is able to find top talent, even when it's hidden in the darkest corners of the internet. When he runs out of internet, he networks his way to the next key player.


In the world of recruiting, research capabilities, networking abilities and sales prowess are necessary elements in harvesting the most talented candidates. Top companies protect their human capital. Martin is able to level the playing field by putting candidates into play, when they would otherwise be lost.


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(716) 222-3535

Hugh Burtis is a Technical Recruiter and Partner at Human Castle. He has a proven track record of success spanning over a decade. While Hugh’s roots lay within Western New York, he has been a trusted advisor for several major companies, finding talent for positions both nationally and internationally. Hugh is experienced in recruiting entry-level candidates on all the way up to C-Level professionals with incomes in excess of $250,000 per year. Hugh’s candidate screening and recruitment process is second-to-none and is the basis of Hugh’s successful career. 


Hugh specializes in all facets of talent acquisition including but not limited to Direct Hire, Temporary/Contract Staffing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contract Negotiations, and more.


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(716) 861-7877

Jeff Kuwik is a Technical Recruiter at Human Castle. Jeff comes from the health club industry, where he was a General Manager. His creative sales and marketing strategies had him partnering with other health related industries for mutually beneficial outreach. His efforts resulted in a drastic increase in fitness memberships.


As a Technical Recruiter, Jeff uses this creative approach to find the very best candidates available.

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(716) 698-7108

Nancy Shea is an Account Executive at Human Castle. Her vast experience as a business owner has given her first hand knowledge of what companies need and what good employees can offer.


As an Account Executive, Nancy has a consultative approach. With low unemployment and talent gaps within the Western New York candidate market, she is able to help companies develop a plan for external recruitment.

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(716) 599-0909

Bridget Haslinger is a Project Manager at Human Castle. Her career includes 17 years with Ticketmaster / Live Nation, working as a Senior Client Services Rep. In this role, Bridget's responsibilities ranged from the building of venue relationships to the building of ticketed shows.


At Human Castle, Bridget uses her organizational skills and creativity to help develop and forward strategic initiatives. Her work ranges from new methodologies to improve quality of services to new projects to influence the direction of the company.


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Human Castle mourns the loss of George N. Root III. George was a Technical Recruiter at Human Castle.


George was very creative. He was a writer and musician. As a writer, he was most known for his columnist work for the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal. He was also a guitar player/vocalist with the Pink Floyd cover band "The Floyd Concept".


George had an extremely strong work ethic. He inspired others to work hard within his actions. He also knew when to take his foot off of the gas pedal. George was an excellent conversationalist. The subject matter could be just about anything.

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