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Executive Search

Recruitment Specialization:

• Technical Leadership

• Engineers / Technicians

• Software Developers

• Skilled Tradespeople

• Sales / Sales Managers

• Project Managers

• Generalist Recruitment

Industry specialization:

• Technology

• Manufacturing

• Software Development

• R&D / Design

• IT / MIS

• Big Data / Analytics

• Financial / Fintech

• Insurance

• Pharmaceuticals

• Industrial Fabrication

• Aviation & Aerospace

• Digital Media

Don't just add human capital ...

... build a human castle 

Human Castle Executive Search is a recruitment firm that is fully committed to helping companies find and develop expert-level talent. In addition to recruitment services, we offer "Culture of Experts" as a new concept and completely free resource. We invite you to stay on this website to explore our recruitment services. Afterwards, we invite you to, to take a journey into the hearts and minds of top-talent.

"Culture of Experts"


Welcome to the Human Castle quarantine-project

            • 14 *FREE* modules of "expert" advice

             • Will change the way you hire/promote

            • 500+ quarantine-hours in the making



We use exhaustive research methodology to search the far corners of the internet to find the right people.


We network with people who want to help their circle. We know someone who knows someone.


We find people who stand at the top of their vocation, happy with their success, open to new opportunities.

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